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We are a HUB certified firm that provides
web design, graphics and video production services.


In 2012, Maxmedia Studios was launched because we saw a need in the marketplace for providing quality graphics and web design services to small businesses. During that time we would hear horror stories of how business owners were left “high & dry” because a web developer or designer would simply disappear from their project. Over the years, we have built a solid reputation of going the extra mile for our clients and delivering what we promised. This has created a steady stream of satisfied clients that sustain our business.

Then in 2018, while attending a networking event, our founder was made aware of the tremendous need for certified minority-owned businesses that could provide high quality services to all levels of city, county and state government. Now, our mission is to be your trusted partner that delivers your projects on time and completed with excellence. Our past performance contains a rich history of providing unmatched customer support. Contact us now to discover how we can help you.


Maxmedia Studios provides services under the following NAICS codes:

  • 541430
  • 541490
  • 541613
  • 541890
  • 541519
  • 541930


Maxmedia Studios provides services under the following commodity codes:

  • 91876
  • 92026
  • 92034
  • 92091
  • 91582
  • 91584
  • 91522
  • 91876
  • 96153
  • 20850
  • 91548

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